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Spray Foam Insulation in Waterloo

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Waterloo residents are choosing the smart solution for their homes: spray foam insulation.

Why is spray foam insulation the #1 choice?

For both homeowners and businesses, the popularity of spray foam insulation in Waterloo has increased dramatically these last couple of decades. And for good reason! With continually rising energy costs and the conscious concern for the environment, the airtight sealing ability of spray foam insulation is very desirable. When a home is properly sealed, insulated, and vented, both the comfort of the home and the substantial cost savings are enjoyed, creating a win-win situation!

Here are just a few facts about potential issues with a home’s insulation:

  • Poorly insulated walls. Approximately 35% of a home’s heating escapes through exterior walls.
  • The next area is the roof. As hot air moves upward, the home’s air movement can be tracked upward through to the roof. This is why it is important that attics and roofs are well insulated and properly maintained. Cracks and holes in the roof area require specific attention.
  • Common drafty areas in the home. Sometimes difficult to pinpoint the source, when a general area is consistently experiencing drafts, then an in-depth technical inspection will discover the source.

spray foam insulation installation waterloo

What exactly is spray foam insulation?

Here are the main features:

  • The product spray foam insulation’s main ingredient is polyurethane foam, or SPF for short. It consists of two main ingredients that when combined create a physical expanding reaction – it goes from a liquid to a solid during the application process.
  • Professional installation is required for both safety reasons and the skill required to successfully achieve a perfect airtight seal.
  • Spray foam insulation’s competitor is fibreglass insulation. Fibreglass comes in sheet form and is then cut into a general fitting size. It is often recognized in its pink colour.
  • Unlike its competitor, as an inert polymer, spray foam insulation is not affected by water or moisture and will not feed bacteria such as mould and mildew.
  • It does not degrade and lose its heat resistant properties.
  • It can add extra structural strength.
  • It has soundproofing capabilities.

When is it time to talk to an insulation professional?

Fast answer: Anytime is a good time! Really, we’re quite friendly.

Most people tend to notice (or act upon) insulation issues during the colder months. During summers, when the air conditioning is being used regularly, homeowners grin and bear the noticeable change on their energy bills attributing it to the high cost of cooling a home. In this case, energy bills would need to be compared to the previous summer to see if there is a dramatic change in cost and usage. If you feel your cooling system is really straining, then this would be the perfect time to consult a professional. Another common time for consultation is right before winter. An insulation issue may have been detected the previous winter and the homeowner is hoping for a better home comfort experience for the upcoming cold season.

Here are a few things to watch out for when considering possible insulation issues:

  • An uncomfortable feeling of dampness. This can be a very nagging sensation and one never really gets used to it. (Nor should they.)
  • Heating or cooling the home seems to be taking longer and longer to achieve. You wish you had a remote starter you can turn on before you get out of bed or get home from work. (Actually, there are such things now.)
  • Ice build-up on the roof, often called “ice dams”. A sure sign that the attic is not insulated and/or ventilated properly.
  • Consistently drafty areas.
  • Cold floors. You have “slippers on only” rooms.

Is spray home insulation an option for my freehold townhouse?

Yes, it is!

As with other Ontario cities, the City of Waterloo has really expanded in the last 10 years. In fact, Waterloo is now a tech hub for many tech businesses, such as Google, the Internet search engine, and Shopify, the mega online merchandising platform for small-to-medium businesses. Waterloo has both built “up” with the building of condos and condo conversions as well built “wide” with condo townhouses and freehold townhouses. In the world of condo living, things such as the home’s insulation as well as the exterior maintenance is dealt with by the condo board and is factored into the residents’ condo fees. For a freehold townhouse, however, the home’s insulation is the responsibility of the homeowner. The freehold townhouse is identical to a regular home but just with the character style usually being attached, possibly on both sides, and just on one side if the home is an end unit. When homes are attached this way, often there’s a heat transference between the units. But if the home is an end unit, then it would benefit greatly to have both the attic and exterior wall’s insulation bumped up. Also, what can come with the transference of heat is the transfer of sound. Many freehold townhouse homeowners get added insulation specifically for its soundproofing quality.

Spray foam insulation and the environment.

With more concern being directed towards the environment, a good question to ask is what is the environmental effect of spray foam insulation in Waterloo. Here are earth-friendly plus points:

  • The creation of spray foam insulation uses fewer raw materials and therefore resources.
  • It’s very durable and has a long lifespan. Repairing or replacing and using up natural resources is a non-issue.
  • Being moisture resistant, it does not degrade.
  • Having spray foam insulation professionally installed greatly reduces energy costs – a cost benefit to the homeowner and a reduced resource benefit of our natural resources.

Why professional installation is so important.

The two main reasons to hire professionals to install spray foam insulation in Waterloo are: safety and skilled application. Safety is listed first. AM Insulation Solutions technicians are certified, very skilled and up-to-date on all of the regulated safety standards. Because it’s during the installation process where toxicity could be an issue and for the installer only, safety equipment is mandatory. In our strong opinion, installing spray foam insulation is not a job for the weekend DIYer. Skilled installation is next in importance. Timing and proper application techniques are extremely important with this product to achieve a thorough seal. Since our company has been in business since 1956, we can proudly say we have that exact professional experience, and then some. We’re family owned and our customer service is second to none. You can check out our customer reviews on both our website and Facebook and read some of our testimonials.