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Spray Foam Insulation in St. Thomas

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St. Thomas residents are reaping all of the benefits of having their homes insulated with spray foam insulation.

Why is spray foam insulation the better choice for insulating your home?

The spray foam insulation method is extremely efficient. The product starts out in a liquid form. This makes for excellent coverage and a smooth application. It’s when the two ingredients combine and settle that the product then expands out and fills in even the smallest of holes and crevices. This gives your insulation a unique custom fit that’s formfitting and that stays in place.

Spray foam insulation in an attic in st. thomas

There are so many good reasons to opt for spray foam insulation in St. Thomas. Here are just a few of them:

  • The quality of spray foam insulation’s sealing ability is second to none. Air and moisture are kept at bay making your home’s energy much more efficient.
  • The substantial reduction of energy loss that is achieved when using spray foam insulation translates into immediate cost savings. This is one of the main reason homeowners choose spray foam insulation.
  • It is very durable and holds it’s thermal ability over time, which adds to its affordability. Its competitor, fibreglass sheeting, cannot make the same claims. Fibreglass is known to degrade, loose its shape, and succumb to water and moisture damage.
  • As an added by-product feature, spray foam insulation can give a structure extra strength and reinforcement.
  • Spray foam insulation in St. Thomas has become increasingly popular over the last few years, saving homeowners money and improving their home’s insulation.

Is your St. Thomas home in need of an insulation check?

Chances are it is!

It is estimated that a high percentage of Ontario homes are actually under-insulated. When you consider how with newer builds, more often than not, they only do the minimum requirements for insulation levels. A common complaint with newer builds are areas such as garages and their immediate surrounding rooms. Oftentimes, rooms above garages are found to be cold or drafty, or there are cold spots in basement areas, etc. In older homes, since attics were commonly built to be much bigger in size, it would be time for either replacement insulation or an insulation top-up would be necessary for added comfort and a reduction in cost.

Signs that your home’s insulation could use some attention

  • A surge in your energy costs. Though, this usually happens gradually over a period of time. It’s a good practice to review your bills regularly with an eye on the “consumption” amount and to monitor your usage. When you see a pattern of a persistent increase that is steadily spirally upward, then it’s time definitely time to investigate and discover the root cause.
  • Cold spots that persist. Frequent drafts are often a tell-tale sign, though they are often difficult to locate and pinpoint. If your thermostat is set to a comfortable degree and you are anything but, there are definitely insulation solutions that will help change that.
  • During warmer seasons, you notice more bugs (or even small rodents) in the home. That means they’re getting in somehow and so is unwanted air and moisture.
  • Your home has a general feeling of dampness. This is not a good sign. This would mean water and moisture are entering the home, becoming stagnant, and then evaporating and leaving vapour throughout the home. Immediate action is the best choice here. Otherwise, mould could set it and create a much, much larger problem for both the home and you.
  • Is your plumbing trying to tell you something? Noisy or sluggish pipes during colder days could lead to the worst-case scenario, which is frozen pipes that could burst and leave you with a huge repair cost. When pipes speak, homeowners need to listen.
  • Your external walls are not as cold as they should be on colder days. Monitoring exterior walls by touch is a good and easy practice. Warmth emanating from exterior walls on cool days would be a sure indication of extreme heat loss.

I just bought a home in St. Thomas. The home passed inspection but how do I know if there’s enough insulation for the upcoming winter months?

St. Thomas is a smaller city just south of London. It’s known as the “Railway City” as it was a large railway hub in the city’s early days. The railway played a big part in the growth of St. Thomas. Homeowners seeking better deals for purchasing a home, and with the nearby larger city London being a short commuting distance, St. Thomas has seen considerable population growth and the new homes that brings. Also, many of the older style homes, as found in the Courthouse district, are desirable and sometimes restored in a way that highlights their original character. Again, for these older homes, roofs and attics are a great place to insulate for immediate benefit. As an added bonus, for homes located near train tracks or industrial thoroughfares, upgraded insulation not only repairs energy leaks, it also offers great soundproofing.

The cost-savings when hiring professionals

With spray foam insulation in St. Thomas, it’s very important to consult and use a professional. Skillful application is key to a successfully insulated home. It is not recommended for the novice. Am Insulation Solutions offers just that – professionally trained, certified and always up-to-date technicians are at the core of the company’s success. In business since 1956, we’re a proud, family-owned company. Our modern evaluation techniques include thermal scanner devices combined with years of experience with a multitude of home styles. We’re so confident that we can successfully solve your home’s insulation needs, we offer a 10 year warranty on our workmanship. And the warranty is transferable. Should you need to sell your home, this type of warranty is very attractive to potential purchasers.

By choosing AM Insulation Solutions, you’re choosing a very reputable and qualified company. We’re always available to service your insulation needs in St. Thomas as well as surrounding areas. If you’d like to learn more and see what our customers are saying, you can browse our website as well as our Facebook. Look for the “Reviews” section. Our customers are happy with their energy savings and home comfort levels and we’re always happy to help. Win-win!