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Spray Foam Insulation in Owen Sound

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Owen Sound homeowners are comfortably nestling in for the winter after choosing to insulate their homes with spray foam insulation.

What makes spray foam insulation a superior form of insulation?

Great question! Also known as spray polyurethane foam (or SPF for you short-form fans) is an insulation product that’s second to none in its efficiency and durability. Efficiency-wise, it creates a unique airtight seal that keeps out unwanted air and moisture. Air is properly circulated and healing and cooling is much more streamlined. Durability-wise, SPF does not degrade or lose its thermal retentive ability over time. It’s all about the chemistry with this superior product.

Here’s how it works:

  • It initially starts out as a liquid during the first phase of the installation process.
  • Next, when sprayed and applied, it then changes its chemical compound state and expands and transforms into a solid form.
  • As it’s expanding, it fills in cracks, crevices, and even larger gaps.
  • The expansion process also helps to insulate difficult or non-conforming areas that may be unusual in shape and possibly in an awkward location.
  • Once the product has settled, an airtight seal is then formed.
  • The result is a well-insulated home that is both wonderfully comfortable and energy efficient. Win-win!

Spray foam insulation finished job Owen Sound

How do I know if my home will benefit from this type of insulation?

There are many signs that a home shows when it’s in need of an insulation upgrade.

Here are a few:

  • Undesirable changes in energy bills. When the changes are either subtle or they’re disguised as seasonal ups and downs, it’s not uncommon for a homeowner to not notice a continual increase in their energy costs over time and that is not due to a general rise in utility prices.
  • Uncomfortable and persistent drafty areas. If your home in the winter is a “sweaters on only” kinda home, then it’s definitely time for an upgrade. (Did I mention spray foam insulation’s airtight seal = home comfort? I think I did.)
  • Are you beginning to notice that it’s taking longer and longer to heat or cool down your home? Not only can this be inconvenient, this kind of inefficiency directly translates into lost energy dollars due to your heating and cooling home’s systems being stressed.
  • Something that’s usually not talked about and most definitely unwanted – critters. All forms of critters. If they’re getting in the home then that means air is entering-exiting through the exact same ways.
  • Excess dust accumulation. Again, another sign of unwanted air entering the home. This may be better than critters getting in but not better for allergy sufferers.
  • Water problems? Whether it’s water seepage, a water leak, even possible flooding, a water problem is something you really don’t want to ignore. Also, there’s also a danger if plumbing is located in an under insulated area. Water means eventual mould, mildew. Structural degradation from ongoing water damage. Worst-case scenario: broken pipes = yipes!

In Owen Sound we experience a lot of snow and our home has been having some trouble with ice on the roof. Would new insulation help?

The short, quick answer is absolutely!

Owen Sound is smack dab in Ontario’s snow belt. In addition, there’s also the lake effect from Georgian Bay that adds to the precipitation and extra-large snow accumulation. This is why Owen Sound and neighbouring smaller cities attract year-round tourists and visitors, for the great skiing and winter events. So snow accumulation on a roof is actually a good sign. It’s ice forming in specific areas that’s not a good sign. These are called “ice dams”. They form in the specific spots where the heat is escaping out from the rooftop. This heat breach melts the accumulated snow and then re-freezes it again and creates these unwanted ice formations. Ice dams are not only dangerous to passers-by when they begin to melt and slide off of the roof, but if neglected, they can also cause substantial damage to not only the shingling but over time to the entire structure of the roof itself. Assuming the roof is in good external repair, for this type of insulation issue, spray foam insulation in Owen Sound has been on the rise. It will seal up the problem areas on the interior and attic part of the roof by creating an airtight seal in the attic insulation cavities. This will cease and prevent any ice build-up on the roof and substantially reduce the expense of the heat loss. When you think of how much heat loss much must occur to melt snow on a roof, then this cost reduction will be very noticeable. This is especially true if there were multiple locations on the roof where ice was accumulating.

Time to call in the professionals.

When dealing with an insulation issue, it’s extremely important to hire a professional. Because of the strict safety standards for applying spray foam, it is not recommended for the weekend do-it-yourself enthusiast. We at AM Insulation Solutions only use highly skilled technicians who are very adept in all areas of healing a home’s insulation woes. We’re certified and strictly adhere to all safety rules and regulations. All the way from diagnosing the problem to the installation and pristine clean up, we offer a worry-free professional experience. We always put customer satisfaction first. We’re a very proud family-owned company that got its start way back in 1956. We combine modern diagnosing equipment with our many years of experience and offer a custom plan for each of our customers. Our high confidence is reflected in our 10-year transferable workmanship warranty. This warranty is very desirable to potential purchasers should the homeowner choose to sell.

AM Insulation Solutions is always available to help you with your needs installing spray foam insulation in Owen Sound and surrounding areas. You can reach out and call us for a free estimate and be on your way to a dramatically improved home comfort experience and you will also enjoy new energy cost savings. Visit our website for more information. We’re also on Facebook where you can read some of the many happy customer reviews.