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Spray Foam Insulation in Orillia

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Orillia residents are taking it to the next level and choosing to insulate their homes with spray foam insulation.

Is spray foam insulation becoming a homeowners #1 choice for their insulating needs?

It is, and for good reason.

Spray foam insulation, or spray polyurethane foam (SPF), is a thermal system of insulation that has become known for its exceptional sealing ability. It creates an airtight barrier that is second to none. Spray foam’s closest competitor, fibreglass sheeting, cannot make the same claims. Fibreglass tends to settle, lose its shape, and it doesn’t form a completely sealed barrier. It also doesn’t fair well if it becomes wet. It absorbs water and over time pretty much becomes more of a burden then any kind of benefit. Spray foam, on the other hand, is made up of a non-organic plastic and it actually repels water and moisture. This prevents any mould issues from taking hold. Also, spray foam insulation will not lose its heat resistant value (R-value) over time. This actually makes it very eco-friendly due to its long life and not needing continuous repairs or full replacement costs.

spray foam insulation application Orillia

Here are a few more reasons that point to spray foam insulation in Orillia as being the best choice:

  • As an insulation method, it is extraordinarily efficient. As it moves from a liquid form into a solid, it creates a customized form-fitting seal that keeps unwanted air and moisture from permeating the home.
  • The application process is very flexible and can accommodate all location shapes and sizes.
  • Energy loss is substantially reduced and homes become a comfortable haven. Win-win!
  • In addition, since spray foam insulation adds an extra layer to where it applied, the home’s structural strength is then increased.
  • As a bonus, with the appeal of a well-insulated home, the home’s value will also increase after a high quality insulation upgrade.

What are some of the signs an Orillia home requires an upgrade to its insulation?

There are a number of things to look out for when exploring the state of a home’s insulation. Firstly, and most common, is room degrees that greatly differ from each other. This could be an unused cold bedroom that was really meant for sleeping and not storing canned goods in. Or it’s a room above a poorly insulated garage. Does your kitchen area only feel comfortable when you have the oven on?

Here are a few more tells to explore:

  • Your energy costs are soaring. This is usually the #1 reason homeowners seek help from insulators ­–- their monthly bills become unbearable and they’re looking for a solution. An insulation upgrade is that solution!
  • Persistent drafts keep you from enjoying areas of your home.
  • You don’t want to turn the heat up for cost reasons but you still would like to be comfortable and go sweater-less in the colder months.
  • You’re dissatisfied when you do choose to adjust your thermostat as it takes a considerable amount of time to even notice a change.
  • Unwanted critters. If they’ve entered your home, then so has unwanted air and/or moisture.
  • Condensation or water issues. Water could be seeping in and really wreaking unseen havoc. If this is happening, a home check-up is needed right away. Left undone, mould or water damage could result and become a substantial cost expense in the future.
  • Additional water concerns would be poor insulation around plumbing areas. This may result in frozen, or worse, busted pipes. Again, this requires immediate attention.

We own and run a bed and breakfast in the Orillia area and have noticed there are drafts in some of the rooms. Would spray foam insulation help with this?

Yes, it definitely will.

Orillia is a very popular tourist city. Known as “The Sunshine City” as it is connected to two beautiful lakes ­– Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe. As with other Southern Ontario cities, Orillia experiences snowy winters and hot humid summers. When a home experiences ongoing drafts, whether they’re persistently in the same locations or are difficult to pinpoint, both are signs of an insulation issues. The #1 location for faulty insulation is through the walls. When you consider a high percentage of Ontario homes are in fact under insulated, chances are the home is in need of a professional insulation assessment. Before the days of home insulation, drafts were very common and written about a lot in Victorian times. They were attributed to many illnesses. Even today, when one spends enough time in a drafty area, you can really feel it in both muscles and joints. With Orillia being in close proximity to large bodies of water, dampness could also make drafts very, very uncomfortable. Also, drafty areas bring in other unwanted guests – dust and pollen, which really adds to an unhealthy home environment.

Time to call in the pros.

As with other medium to large home upgrades, the installation of spray foam insulation in Orillia should be performed by none other than a professional in the field.

At AM Insulation Solutions, our technicians are certified, professionally trained, and kept up to date on new products, techniques, and all of the safety standards. We’re a family owned company who’s been around since 1956. We’re proud of our commitment to our customers and offer second to none in customer care. Combined with our expert knowledge, we use modern assessment equipment, such as thermal scanners to measure and pinpoint areas of heat loss. We offer a free, no obligation initial assessment. This is followed-up by a thorough inspection to decide upon the insulation strategy for the home. Together with the customer, we come up with a budget-friendly plan. After the work is complete, our crew performs a pristine clean up of all areas. Our pledge to our customers is to go above and beyond and so we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty.

AM Insulation Solutions is a proud company and we’re ready to serve Orillia and it’s surrounding areas. To start your road to economical home comfort, reach out to us by calling, browsing our website, or joining our Facebook page. There we have many reviews all written by our satisfied customers.