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Spray Foam Insulation in Kitchener

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Kitchener neighbours are talking about all of the benefits from insulating with spray foam insulation.

Is spray foam insulation the solution for your home?

Yes, it is!

It’s the most popular method of insulation on the market today. This is because it’s a very affordable and efficient way to insulate a home. It creates an well-sealed environment that is both comfortable and very economical. During the application process, the product starts out as a liquid. When two of the ingredients combine, it then grows and expands. This fills all gaps and crevices in the application area and forms an airtight environment. The coverage is second to none. The result is a custom fitting, high quality insulation solution.

Other benefits of choosing spray foam insulation include:

  • It is water and moisture resistant. Unlike other types of insulation such as fibreglass, it will not absorb water or moisture and instead repels and protects the areas where it is applied.
  • Spray foam’s thermal ability does not degrade over time.
  • Substantial energy savings means the product pays for the initial cost outlay and then some over time.
  • As an added feature, spray foam insulation can give structures added strength and durability by reinforcing its width and sturdiness.

Spray foam insulation in attic

How is your Kitchener home’s insulation fairing?

A high percentage of homes in Canada are deemed under-insulated. Even the newer builds when you consider “to code” translates to the absolute minimum of requirements. For both older and new homes alike, more often than not it’s time to either replace older insulation by removal and upgrade, or to give it a top up and reinforce the existing insulation. It’s quite common to use multiple kinds of insulation. This depends on the home’s style and insulation and energy needs.

Things to consider when thinking about insulating a home:

  • Does your home have noticeable and recurring drafts and/or persistent cold areas? Sometimes these areas are very obvious but accepted and gotten use to. A home is meant to be comfortable and these types of problems can be easily remedied.
  • Is there a longer dampness to your home? This not only has the potential to be unhealthy but it also could be a sign of larger problems. When moisture enters the home and becomes stagnant, it’s best to have this looked at immediately. Otherwise, this could result in a more extensive and costly repair in the future.
  • During the colder months, is your plumbing sluggish and not up to par? This is exactly the same risk as the above moisture and dampness issue, though more extreme (and potentially even more expensive.) A properly insulated home protects the plumbing areas and can prevent costly repairs such as burst piping.
  • Are you noticing increases insects, or other critters, in the home? Sadly, if they’re getting in, energy is escaping through the same route.
  • Have your energy costs changed within the last year, or even few months? If there is sudden damage, a more noticeable change in your billing. Usually this occurs over time as the home’s existing insulation degrades and fails.
  • Can you visually see gaps or crevices in your external walls? These could be the entryway for the above mentioned critters and the exit way for your home’s energy.

I have an older home in Kitchener with a newer addition. Would spray foam insulation help with both the old and new parts?


As Kitchener continues to grow, and when a family needs more space, homeowners are opting to renovate instead of purchasing a larger home. With the high housing prices in Kitchener, this can be a very economical solution. Also, considering the Kitchener area has become a thriving “tech hub”, those working in that industry often enjoy a downtown lifestyle. Kitchener’s downtown has some very desirable character homes. When upgrading an older home with an addition, the home may require a combination of insulation solutions and definitely would benefit with spray foams complete sealing features. Larger attic areas can always benefit from spray foam insulation. A properly insulated attic avoids ice build-up on the roof, known as “ice dams”, that occurs when heat escapes. The added benefit of a properly insulated home in a downtown or mid-town area, where homes ten to be in closer proximity to each other or near public transit, is the soundproofing that is experienced when a home is airtight.

The benefits of having an insulation expert access your home.

When choosing spray foam insulation in Kitchener, it’s very important to consult a professional – one who is skilled in its application and has years of experience installing the products. This is essential to successfully insulate a home. AM Insulation Solutions both meets and exceeds these criteria. We’re certified and professionally trained technicians who keep on top of all insulation safety standards and best practices. We’ve proudly been in business since 1956. As a family-owned company, our values and quality of service are very important to us. We use modern evaluation equipment which includes thermal scanner devices. We combine this with years of experience in insulating many, many different home styles. We’re also very confident in our skill set and know that we can offer successful solutions to your home’s insulation needs. So much so that we have a 10 year workmanship warranty for all the work we perform. It’s also a transferable warranty. If you choose to sell your home during this time, your new purchaser will also have the same peace of mind that you enjoyed.

By choosing our company, you’re guaranteed an exceptional customer experience that only a qualified and reputable company provides. We put you and your home insulation needs first. We’re available for you in the Kitchener and surrounding areas. For more information, call us or browse our website. You can find us online on Facebook. We have a “Reviews” section. Here is where you can learn more about how customers have enjoyed successfully working with us to solve their home insulation needs. We look forward to working with you!