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Spray Foam Insulation in Hamilton

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Hamilton residents are cozying up and enjoying a substantial reduction in their home energy costs by opting for spray foam insulation.

So, what is spray foam insulation?

Glad you asked. Spray foam insulation, also known as spray polyurethane foam (SPF), or just “spray foam” for short, is an insulation system that creates a thermal and airtight sealant barrier that is used in both residential homes and building structures. It’s an alternative and more efficient method to the classic fiberglass sheeting.

Today, there are many reasons to choose spray foam insulation in Hamilton. Here are a few of the top reasons:

  • It’s a very efficient insulation method. It begins in liquid form and then expands to fill all cracks and crevices. It creates an airtight seal that keeps both air and moisture from entering the home.
  • It is very versatile. It can be used in all areas of the home that are not airtight and require sealing, such as walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • When professionally installed, difficult-to-access areas or trouble spots can be readily insulated.
  • It substantially reduces energy loss, whether this is due to regular seasonal changes or unexpected inclement weather conditions.
  • Unlike fiberglass, which eventually degrades with age or contact with water and also shrinks or folds in shape which leaves gaps and becomes inefficient, spray foam is made of inorganic material (it’s an inert polymer) and is not affected by water. So, mould and mildew will not be a concern. Spray foam also does not lose its R-value (heat resistant value) over time.
  • As a bonus, spray foam insulation adds structural strength to where it is applied. Depending on the thickness and the amount of foam added, the added strength can be quite substantial.

Spray foam application in Hamilton

What are the signs that your Hamilton home needs an insulation check-up?

One of the main tell-tales that your home’s insulation is not up to par is when the temperature fluctuates from room to room. Also, the temperature of the walls and floors is another sign. On colder days, is there a room in your home that you dare not step into without slippers on? If you touch a wall, do you immediately feel the cold?

Here are a few more signs:

  • A noticeable sudden increase in energy bills. This means your heating and cooling systems are working over-time and you’re paying time and a half.
  • Noticeable and uncomfortable drafts. Are you or your family members always wearing heavy sweaters indoors?
  • It takes a long time to cool the home down on hot days.
  • I have to mention this – bugs or rodents. If you’re noticing critters, they’re getting in and out through an open space and so is the cold or hot air.
  • Water leaks. Again, if water is getting in, your energy costs are flowing out the same way. Also, water seepage creates a mould and mildew risk.
  • Odd ice formations on the rooftop (also known as “ice dams.”) This is a sign that heat is escaping through the attic and melting then re-freezing the snow accumulation on the roof. Ice sculptures are meant to be enjoyed at fun winter festivals, not to be an eyesore on the roof of your home.
  • Frozen, or close-to-frozen, pipes. Seriously, if this occurs, immediate action is required, as broken pipes can be an extremely expensive by-product of a poorly insulated home. You don’t want to go there.
  • The same goes for the temperature of external walls. When the heat is on, are they are warm to the touch? Here again is a sign that heat is escaping.

I live in an older century home, is spray foam insulation in Hamilton a good choice?

Short answer: You bet it is!

Hamilton is an older, well-established Canadian city. It received its official City status on June 9th, 1846. So there are many home styles throughout Hamilton, all the way from Edwardian to present-day, and all of which have different levels of insulation and different insulation requirements. Often in older homes, attics were built much larger and can always benefit from insulation replacement and top-up. In fact, it is estimated that an extremely large percentage of homes in Canada are under-insulated. Even the new builds. Builders pretty much build to code and do the bare minimum requirements. So, even in a newer home, adding insulation is a cost efficient choice to further reduce energy expenses and improve comfort levels. With Hamilton being both a green city with many trees and natural areas, as well as an industrial city with factories and a steel plant, a well-insulated sealed home also offers the benefit of better indoor air quality. Pollen or pollutants have much less access.

The importance of hiring professionals.

An extremely important aspect when choosing spray foam insulation in Hamilton is its proper installation. Because of the skilled timing as well as safety steps required to work with spray foam material, it’s definitely not recommended for the inexperienced DIY’er. At AM Insulation Solutions, all of the technicians are professionally trained, certified and up-to-date on all safety standards. Our company has been in business since 1956. We’re family owned and we’re committed to offering exceptional customer service. Modern equipment is used, such as a thermal scanner that shows heat loss and trouble spots. After an initial thorough inspection of the home’s insulation needs, and in consultation with the customer, a high-quality and budget-friendly solution is decided upon. Then, after the work is complete, we go above and beyond and offer a 10-year workmanship warranty. The warranty is also transferable should you choose to sell in that time.

AM Insulation Solutions is very proud and readily available to solve all of your insulation needs with their quality services in Hamilton and surrounding areas. To begin the journey of improved home comfort and substantial energy savings, call us for a free estimate. You can also find us on Facebook. Be sure to check out our “Reviews” section as well as more reviews on out website and read what happy customers have to say about their experience with us.