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Spray Foam Insulation in Cambridge

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Cambridge homeowners are enjoying huge savings on their home energy costs since they insulated with spray foam insulation.

What are the benefits of spray foam insulation?

There are many benefits that go with using spray foam insulation. Professionally referred to as SPF, or spray polyurethane foam, it’s a method of insulation that creates an airtight seal by securely filling in cracks, holes, crevices, or even gaps. Its closest competitor would be fibreglass sheeting, or pink insulation. Spray foam insulation is used in residential homes as well as commercial properties – basically any structure that requires protection and insulation from the elements.

Finished spray foam insulation in Cambridge

Listed below are a few of the many reasons to choose spray foam insulation in Cambridge.

  • Spray foam insulation begins in a liquid form and then when chemically combined it has a reaction that causes it to grow and expand. It’s a highly efficient method of fully insulating a structure. It forms a custom airtight sealing method that completely forms to the area for which it is applied. It’s ability to seal even the smallest of crevices or holes is second to none.
  • It’s extremely versatile. It can be applied to many different areas of a home, such as ceilings, walls, floors, attics, and crawlspaces.
  • Difficult-to-reach locations and areas can be accessed and successfully insulated.
  • Energy loss is halted and the home becomes much more cost efficient. The result is spray foam insulation enhances home comfort levels.
  • It does not degrade with age or lose its thermal retentive ability. Fibreglass insulation cannot make this claim, as it is known to fold-down and “settle” which results in unwanted gaps and becomes less effective.
  • Since spray foam is made up of an inorganic material (plastic), it is unaffected by water or moisture and will not allow mould or mildew to grow and set in. In fact, the product acts as a water repellent.
  • Spray foam can also reinforce structure strength to where it is applied depending upon the amount used.
  • A pleasant by-product to creating an airtight seal is the new soundproofing ability which can give one’s home a calmer more relaxed feel. This is especially true for downtown homes or homes located near busy streets or a transit system hub.

How to know if your Cambridge home would benefit from new or reinforced insulation?

One of the main signs that a home’s insulation is not up to par are shifts in temperate, where each room is different or experiences fluctuating and unpredictable temperatures. Are you and your Cambridge home dreading the approach of the seasonal changes and the colder months ahead?

Check a few more of these other signs of insulation problems that really need some attention:

  • Surprising and/or inconsistent energy bills that are always a cause for concern. This can make any type of budgeting pretty much impossible.
  • Unproductive heating and cooling that is sluggish and has a poor response to manual changes.
  • Water and moisture are causing problems in the home, suck as unwanted seeping, leaking, even flooding can occur. Water is definitely a red-flag issue that demands immediate attention for both the sake of the home and homeowner’s health.
  • Another water issue would be with plumbing areas that are poorly insulated. Not good! The last thing a homeowner needs is an unexpected and costly plumbing bill due to frozen pipes bursting.

Generally, Cambridge can experience somewhat milder winters with slightly less snow than its neighbouring cities. Perhaps it’s the river effect – or I should say two rivers effect, as both the Grand and Speed River meet up and run through the City of Cambridge’s downtown areas. Nestled up on The Grand River are beautiful older structures, such as churches and mills. For this reason, Cambridge has become quite the “film city” for locations sought out by film companies. An example would be the popular series that is a period piece, “The Handmaid’s Tale was shot in a few areas of Cambridge. Another aspect of the close rivers would be humidity. It’s definitely something to consider when deciding on methods of home insulation and spray foam insulation in Cambridge would be your best choice. Just a few reasons why would be:

  • Spray foam (SPF) is made of plastic, which actually repels water and moisture.
  • It forms an airtight seal that prevents moisture from even entering the home.
  • When professionally installed and properly vented, the result is a home that breathes well with exceptionally good airflow that enhances the overall air quality.

Hiring professionals offers quality and peace of mind.

An important part of spray foam insulation is its proper handling and installation. This is why skilled technicians are absolutely necessary. If the timing when initially installing the product is even slightly off, then flawless coverage will not occur and a less than airtight seal would be the unwanted result. We at AM Insulation Solutions only employ the most skilled technicians who are professionally certified. We always stay up-to-date on all new products and safety standards. We’re family-owned and have been in business since 1956. We use modern equipment, like a thermal scanner that helps pinpoint trouble areas and the resulting severity of the energy loss. We do a thorough inspect of the home’s insulation as well as the customer’s preferences and budget. We then come up with a high-quality detailed insulation solution. Since we’re a customer-first company with customer service being second to none, we proudly have a 10-year workmanship warranty. Our warranty is transferable for if or when or the homeowner should decide to sell.

AM Insulation Solutions we are readily available to help answer all of your insulation questions. Just reach out to us for an estimate and begin the journey to improving your home’s airflow quality, the reduction of your energy costs, and your new level of home comfort that comes with a well insulated home. We’re also on Facebook. Check out the “Reviews” section on our website and you’ll see what happy and satisfied customers have to say about working with us.