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Spray Foam Insulation in Barrie

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Barrie residents are saving a lot by choosing to insulate their homes with spray foam insulation. 

Why spray foam insulation?

Also known as spray polyurethane foam, or SPF, this type of insulation creates a thermal sealant barrier and ensures a home is airtight and energy is not wasted through breaches. Spray foam is much more efficient when compared with the classic fibreglass sheeting. Fibreglass sheeting, recognized mainly in its traditional pink colour insulation, is prone to degrade over time. It’s also absorbs water and loses it shape and can fold in on itself. It does not guarantee an airtight seal.

Let’s look at a few of the top reasons to choose spray foam insulation in Barrie.

  • It offers superior flexibility. When first applied, it naturally expands and fills up any troublesome cracks and crevices. This creates an airtight seal that prevents both air and moisture from entering the home or business.
  • Unlike common fibreglass insulation material, spray foam is made of an inorganic polymer material that is waterproof. Mould or mildew is then prevented from entering and getting a foothold in the home.
  • When it is professionally installed, difficult-to-access areas can be securely insulated.
  • Spray foam insulation is very durable and does not degrade or lose its R-value (heat resistant value).
  • As an added feature, spray foam insulation increases the structural integrity to where it is applied.

spray foam application in Barrie

Some signs that your Barrie home’s insulation is in need of some attention.

A sure sign that your home’s insulation is failing is both noticeable and subtle temperature differences throughout the home from room to room.

Here are a few more examples to watch out for:

  • An unexplained increase in energy bills. Usually this happens gradually over time and can sometimes be missed, especially if you have automatic bill payments set up.
  • Strong and/or consistent drafts from specific areas in the home.
  • Initial heating or cooling of the home takes much longer than usual to reach a desired set degree. Or, when compared with an alternate temperature gauge, temperatures often fall short and show a discrepancy between the two measurements.
  • Any type of water seepage. This needs to be inspected immediately, as it can easily develop into a toxic mould and mildew problem.

Why spray foam insulation in Barrie is a wise investment.

At a time when rising energy costs are front and center in many homeowners’ minds, investing in improved insulation solutions will show immediate financial results. A welcomed reduction in monthly bills is instantly noticed as well as a greater level of home comfort is achieved. Win-win!

Other financial benefits of spray foam insulation in Barrie include:

  • New, replacement, or topped up insulation can increase the value of one’s home.
  • The new home comfort level that a well-sealed and properly insulated home offers also makes for a much healthier home with better air circulation and, therefore, better air quality. Both you and the home will breathe much better.
  • It’s a solid investment in the environment. An energy efficient home lowers one’s carbon footprint. It reduces energy costs by using energy wisely. Also, the durability and longevity of spray foam insulation in Barrie is sustainable as it continues to do its job over a long period of time. It pays for itself, and then some.

Would my bungalow in Barrie benefit from spray foam insulation?

Yes, fore sure it would!

A waterfront community, the City of Barrie is situated on Lake Simcoe, nestled up alongside Kempenfelt Bay. The city is known for both its summer and winter activities. Being at the very north part of Southern Ontario, Barrie gets a fair amount of snow accumulation compared to its more southern Ontario neighbours. Barrie and nearby Collingwood both offer world-class ski hills and resorts. Being approximately only 80 kilometers from Toronto, and with the daily GO train connection, Barrie has partially become a commuter city. According to the 2016 Census, Barrie is the 34th largest city in Canada. To accommodate the increase in population, Barrie’s seen many new home builds in the last 10 years. Barrie is a very humid city year-round. This is especially important when choosing home insulation methods. The moisture resistance of spray foam insulation in Barrie works perfectly for this kind of climate. With heavy snow lingering throughout the winter, the airtight barrier of foam insulation acts as a true protectant from water and condensation build up.

The importance of hiring professionals experienced with cities with high humidity such as Barrie.

A very important part of installing spray foam insulation in Barrie is it’s professional installation. Application timing is of utmost importance. Only skilled and professionally trained technicians should be used and is not recommended for the weekend DIY’er. At AM Insulation Solutions, all of our technicians are professionally trained, certified, and up-to-date on all safety standards. Our company has been in business since 1956. We’re family owned and we’re committed to offering exceptional customer service. Equipment such as modern thermal scanners that reveal heat loss and trouble spots are used to both assess a home’s needs as well as to monitor its progress. After the initial consultation with the customer, high-quality and budget-friendly solutions are presented and then a tailored insulation plan is recommended. After the work is complete, AM Insulation solutions goes above beyond and offers a 10-year workmanship warranty. This warranty is also transferable. Should the homeowner choose to sell in the future, such a warranty is very appealing to the potential new buyers.

AM Insulation Solutions is a proud and confident company and readily available to solve all of your insulation needs with their quality services in Barrie and its surrounding areas. The first steps to begin the journey to improve the home of your home and to enjoy substantial energy savings, is to call us for a free estimate and assessment. Be sure to check out our “Reviews” section on our website as well as more reviews on our Facebook page. See what our happy customers have to say about their experience with AM Insulation Solutions.