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Jesse Ellis

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Well to start off, I was born in Toronto moved up to Brechin on Lake Simcoe when I was 1 year old. Spent my youth there playing hockey in the winters and on the water in the summers, I have a passion for the outdoors fishing and boating during the summer and snowmobiling and ice fishing in the winters. I went to Twin Lakes high school in Orillia where I played football and rugby and went to school in my off time. I worked construction in the summers throughout high school and took a liking to trades after I graduated. I worked a couple years in Muskoka before deciding to go out to Alberta where I worked in fort McMurry for a couple years; realizing that kind of work wasn’t for me I started my own company in Calgary doing home exteriors. After doing that for 8 years I missed the small town cottage life and most of all the water since its far and few in Alberta, so I decided to come back home where I worked with a childhood friend and also a currant sales rep Rob Sale who introduced me to Am Group Of Companies. I realized we shared a lot of the same outlooks on quality and workmanship and it is a great company to be a part of.