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Dan Masri

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I’ve been working in the roofing industry for over seven years now. While working as a roofer I attained my diploma in Liberal Studies and my degree in Psychology.
AM Roofing, and the fantastic crew I worked on, accommodated my busy student schedule and let me work as much as possible while I obtained my undergraduate degree.
Initially I was going to work in a different field, but I really enjoyed the culture at AM, and what the company stood for, and so I took the opportunity to become a Solutions Consultant and have thoroughly enjoyed it since.
With my strong academic background and my seasoned roofing career, being a Solutions Consultant was a natural choice. I spent a great deal of time studying Social Psychology and Attitude Change and believe in ethical and honest sales practice, and put this belief into action during all of my appointments.
I am also a proud father and happily married, and am fortunate enough to be aligned with a company that cares about my families wellbeing.