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I have been in the industry since I was 14 years old. Over those 23 years I have worked my way up from labourer working weekends up to a full time supervisor. The last 10 years working on the roof I supervised a crew of 5 guys, which helped me develop a keen eye for workmanship and quality for the guys I’m supervising as well as my own work by leading by example. Working those 23 years on a roof was hard work and hard on my body so I had to evolve. Which brought me to what I do today, being a consultant.
I enjoy my roll in the industry being able to pass my knowledge of what I learned in the field to help solve roofing issues and help prevent further problems before they can happen. I look forward to working with you on your project and giving you the best value on one of the most critical investments in your home. Letting me put a quality roof on your home allows you the peace of mind knowing your made the right choice protecting your home.