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AM Insulation Solutions Owen Sound

There are many factors that could be contributing to the lack of energy efficiency in your home, and they can all have a significant effect on your monthly heating and cooling costs, and your families over all comfort level. One of the largest and most common problems, is an inadequate amount of attic insulation, and attic ventilation. Luckily, AM Insulation Solutions is here to help. This insulation company in Owen Sound, is part of the AM Group of Companies, and as such is dedicated to, providing the same level of quality workmanship and customer service as their parent company. AM Insulation Solutions, is committed to the use of high quality Owens Corning Attic Insulation products and hires only experienced roofing professionals. All attic insulation specialists employed by AM Insulation Solutions are also thoroughly trained and fully certified. They offer a range of attic insulation services, to fit any need.

  • Thermal Attic Inspections

AM Insulation Solutions uses thermal technology for every attic inspection. This acts as a very useful visual aid in order to, not only locate any hidden cracks or holes that need to be sealed, but also to show their customers exactly how much heat loss their homes are experiencing. AM Insulation Solutions also provides follow up thermal inspections to ensure the job was done correctly, and to show the customer just how much heat, and cool air, loss has been prevented.

  • Attic Insulation Removal

AM Insulation Solutions, possesses all of the necessary equipment to provide a complete attic insulation removal. When dealing with cases of possible mold, mildew, or animal excrement, it is always best to leave your attic insulation removal to the qualified professionals. Attic insulation removals can also be done at the same time as your roof replacement, if need be.

  • Attic Ventilation

By having your attic properly ventilated, you can reduce the risk of any mildew buildup or rot on your attic beams, extend the life of your shingles, and prevent damaging ice dams in the winter. When combined with the right amount of attic insulation, attic vents help to keep your attic temperature regulated, therefore increasing your homes ability to be energy efficient.

  • Air Sealing

We all know that hot air does rise, and if you do not take the time to properly seal any gaps between your living and attic spaces, you allow the warm air that is ment to keep your home comfortable, to escape, your hard-earned money along with it. Having the gaps, or holes, in your attic space sealed properly by a reputable insulation company will also prevent animals from getting in and making your attic space their home. Air sealing your attic space is a simple, yet often overlooked chore, that can help to save you both money, and headaches.

  • Attic Insulation

The standard amount for attic insulation is R60, or slightly above 22 inches. The unfortunate fact is, a significant amount of homes, especially older homes, have been found to have less than a quarter of that, and its wreaking havoc your energy costs. AM Insulation Solutions uses attic insulation made by the leader of the industry, Owens Corning. This high-quality attic insulation is blown in, made of mostly recycled material, and is free of any indoor air pollutants. AM Insulation Solutions in Owen Sound, guarantees all attic insulation work, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made the best decision for your home, by choosing this qualified insulation company.

As residents of Owen Sound ourselves, AM Insulation Solutions is proud to serve our neighbours, using only high quality attic insulation products. We also provide outstanding insulation services to all surrounding communities including, Meaford, Wiarton, Markdale, and Southhampton.


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