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Spray Foam Insulation

When homeowners are reviewing their options for insulating their homes, one answer continues to top the list for them to choose from. Spray foam insulation is gaining prominence in the insulation world and for many good reasons. It solves several problems in one fell swoop and when you decide this method is the way to go for your home, consult a trained professional before anything else. Spray foam is the most versatile insulation product on the market and when you hire a trained, licensed professional to install it

spray foam applicationthe first thing you will receive is relief on the energy budget. The product is one that will return a higher level of energy-efficiency than any other available, it is the best product for sealing holes that are responsible for heat loss and contains moisture – the product is impervious to water or water vapour. When you stack up spray foam insulation against other insulation products, the excellent R-value it provides per square inch where it is installed in your home will surprise you. When you see problems in your attic, spray foam insulation can be a solution and that is the reason you will talk to us at AM Insulation Solutions. We are trained professionals that have many years delivering superior service. Excellent results are the byproduct for any home that requires insulation, and our work is well regarded in our industry.

Problems a homeowner may face with limited or poor insulation

  • Energy costs to heat and cool the home are higher than the average costs of neighbours with similar-sized homes.
  • No regular heating and or cooling patterns in the home
  • HVAC system working too hard
  • Bacterial growth in the basement
  • Cold drafts that you notice in the basement
  • Invasion of bugs, vermin or animals

spray foam insulation service

Solutions to problems and benefits of spray foam insulation

  • Spray foam is also known as spray polyurethane foam and it is from the polyurethane that the capacity to seal air and watertight comes from. The foam is made from an inert polymer, and won’t react with water and air. The two main ingredients that mold and mildew need to grow. The seal forms a water and air vapour barrier wherever it is installed creating a wall of protection. This will create an energy-efficient environment because you aren’t experiencing heat loss and there is no potential for bacterial growth in the areas where the spray foam has been injected.
  • The high R-value that spray foam offers exceeds other products on the market. While foam is considered a premium solution, it compares very favourable with other products at price point and surpasses them in R-value. It has become the choice of many contractors supplying retrofits or new construction that increases energy efficiency.
  • The way spray foams works are simple, two chemicals are mixed and shot through a hose – once the foam reacts with the air it can grow to 40-100 times its size. This is a key advantage of spray foam it fills gaps and holes that other insulation can’t, and it is effective when reducing drafts. This creates better environmental control in your home. Your HVAC system will run effortlessly, and it will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Purchasing spray foam for your home, commercial or institutional facility will come with rewards that you never expected. The property where you install it will have increased resale value – better energy savings than other products – create better investment returns when you choose spray foam.


When you bring your insulation work to us at AM Insulation Solutions, we would like to assure that you made the right choice. Our three-generation, family-owned and operated business, has been creating positive solutions for more than 60-years. For consumers who know the value of insulation in their homes, they have reaped the rewards. Once the work is complete, we issue a 10-year warranty for the labour we have provided, and the materials will have a warranty from the source. Our installation team holds the appropriate certificates to install spray foam, and it is the difference between a solid insulation job and a DIY effort that serves no one.

When your energy bills have pushed you over the edge, know that there is relief in sight when you contact us at AM Insulation Solutions. We have a free consultation and a free estimate for all consumers who want to investigate their options. To obtain the free services, call our office today at AM Insulation Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

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