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Thermal home inspections

A thermal heat loss inspection can save thousands of dollars on a homeowner’s energy bills over time by detecting where the problems are and having a certified professional provide solutions. Most people may not be aware of what a thermal heat loss inspection is but it is the latest technology being used to help with energy efficiency. In the past, a thermal heat loss inspection consisted of a technician arriving at your home with a machine that emitted a smoke-like vapour from a wand that he would wave around windows, doors or in the attic. If the vapour moved it was indication that heat loss was occurring and the area was in need of a better seal.

thermal inspection

Today, an infrared camera is used in the field of thermal heat loss home inspections. It will shoot images in real time of your home from inside and out to determine where heat is leaking from. During the course of a thermal home inspection, the professional can determine locations of heat loss and if there are any mitigating circumstances that are causing thermal heat loss. Using this data, they will determine what the best course of action will be. Using an infrared camera has been a boon for attic insulation installers because it can see where the heat loss is and how to deal with it. Many times, attic insulation is the answer to the problem, but the camera will also detect holes in the roofing system and potential shingle damage that is allowing heat to escape.

Experts have told us time and again that 40% of home’s heat loss is through the attic and a thermal heat loss inspection will help detect trouble and uncover the root cause.

Benefits of a Thermal Heat Loss Inspection

  • It will identify energy loss and lack of energy efficiency in the home
  • Find hidden roof leaks before they become serious problems
  • Identify missing, damaged or wet insulation
  • Find heat loss or air infiltration in the attic or walls

A home’s heat loss can be chalked up to two factors: missing insulation and air infiltration. A thermal heat loss home inspection can find these two problems with a small hand-held camera, and in the past had been an expensive proposition provided by home inspection companies.

saving moneyNow, insulation companies are using technology to provide their customers with a comprehensive energy audit for their homes. Thermal home heat loss inspections and will help reduce thermal heat loss if the necessary actions are taken to prevent it.

Before you make any energy efficient upgrades to your home, have a thermal home heat loss inspection completed first to best direct your home retrofit money to the all the right places. The inspection can be the determining factor when evaluating your home energy efficiency needs that will provide future savings on your home heating bills. The upgrades you make today will help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your use of fossil fuels, making the environment a better place.

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