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Attic insulation inspection

Did you know that 40% of a home’s heating and cooling bill is lost through the roof?


That’s right, you’re burning money and it goes right through the roof because you don’t have enough attic insulation (or none at all). An attic insulation inspection can help put that money back in your pocket. The attic is the most neglected area in the home because a homeowner very seldom traverses the attic, so in order to get a handle on your current attic insulation an attic insulation inspection is paramount to maintain a healthy home and reduced energy bills.

One of the fundamental rules of physics is that heat rises, and in our homes the heat goes directly to the attic and an overheated attic are problems in the winter and the summer. Apart from the fact the heat is released through roof and to the shingles causing premature degradation, it can cause a home to be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. An attic insulation inspection can detect those problems relatively easily as it is a case of insufficient insulation to keep the heat in the home as opposed to venting to the attic.

attic inspectionIn the winter when heat buildup is released through the roof it can create ice dams when the snow on the roof melts and water heads for the eavestroughs. When temperatures drop, ice dams form and cause damage to the eavestroughs because the ice will push the eavestrough away from the fascia. An attic insulation inspection can prevent the problem from occurring when it is determined that there isn’t enough attic insulation and more can be added to prevent heat release and dams from forming.

In the summer, a lack of attic insulation can cause unbearable hot temperatures in your attic. An attic insulation inspection can detect this problem quickly, and with adequate attic insulation it can reduce the attic temperatures that are in effect heating the house up from the top down. This will help your air conditioning system by reducing the strain on the system, by reducing the high temperatures from top down.

An attic insulation inspection can detect roofing problems that aren’t necessarily visible to the naked eye from outside of the home. Small leaks in the decking or air infiltration through windows can be found though a visual inspection of the attic and small problems can be corrected before they become larger headaches.

certified energy expertWhen you should have an attic insulation inspection:

  • If your home was constructed before 1978
  • If your home has less than an R-40 value
  • Icicles form in the winter
  • Cooling costs in the summer are higher than similar homes in your neighbourhood
  • You have had a roof leak – wet insulation lowers the R-value

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