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Insulation in the Summer

Insulation in the Summer

Most homeowners have slowly become aware of the correlation between attic insulation at heat loss in the winter time, but many are still left wondering whether attic insulation is as important in the summer time. the answer to that question is a thousand times YES! Insufficient attic insulation can cause severe temperature variations throughout your … Continue reading “Insulation in the Summer”

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Fiberglass vs Cellulose, the Pros and Cons by Comparison

insulated attic

There are many different types of insulation to use in your home’s walls, attic and basement, but the two most types of insulation are fiberglass and cellulose. They share some similarities and have difference and the application will generally dictate which substance you will use. Cellulose insulation, advantages and disadvantages Advantages: Made or paper, cellulose … Continue reading “Fiberglass vs Cellulose, the Pros and Cons by Comparison”

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Energy Efficient Homes

Green homes

Simply stated, an energy efficient residential home or building structure is one that efficiently controls the flow of heat, air, and moisture that is coming in and out of the structure.  A home is very much a “system” – multiple components that interact with each other, and contribute to the overall indoor environment.  As lifestyles … Continue reading “Energy Efficient Homes”

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