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Attic Insulation in St. Jacobs

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Every year, an incredible amount of heat and cool air is being lost through under-insulated attic spaces. Not only does this loss contribute to higher than average energy bills, it can also have a drastic effect on your overall home comfort. As a part of the AM Group of Companies, here at AM Insulation Solutions we strive to be the most reliable attic insulation installers in St. Jacobs. Our highly competent attic insulation experts are both certified, and impeccably trained in the installation of blown in insulation in St. Jacobs. We employ the use of thermal imaging technology for every thorough attic inspection. We use this thermal technology to ensure that every area of heat loss is discovered and rectified, efficiently. As Owens Corning Certified Energy Experts, we are committed to competently presenting our customers with the most efficient energy saving solutions. When searching for the best installers for attic insulation in St. Jacobs, look no further than AM Insulation Solutions.

  • R- Value

R-value is used to measure the level of thermal resistance of an insulating material, blown in attic insulation in St. Jacobs, in this case. The higher the R-value, the greater its insulating capabilities. The R-value of an insulating material can be effectively increased by layering said material. In the province of Ontario, the current recommended standard for attic insulation in St. Jacobs, is R60, or 22.5 inches of insulation. Ensuring that your attic insulation is up to par, will go a long way in reducing your heat, and cool air loss, thus saving you a significant amount on your energy costs.

Through both the summer, and winter seasons, energy bills can be through the roof, while your furnace or A/C is running. Considering the extreme cost of these utilities on a good day, most people are looking for an affordable way to lower their energy costs, making their homes as energy efficient as possible. Through the colder months, the issue of heat loss can not only cost you an astronomical amount on your heating bills, but it can also cause uncomfortable cold spots in certain areas of your home. The same can be said for the warmer months, as well. Without sufficient attic insulation, heated air from your attic space can be forced down into your living space, causing your air conditioning to work over time in an attempt to cool down the warmest areas of your home. And considering that the luxury of A/C is quite expensive on a good day you’ll want to ensure that it is working efficiently, at all times. If you’ve noticed higher than average heating or cooling costs, or the comfort level within your home is not what it once was, you may be in need of blown in insulation in St. Jacobs. Contact AM Insulation Solutions for a complimentary, thermal attic inspection as soon as possible.

Attic Insulation and Your Roofing System

When thinking about your roofing system, you may not realize how large of an effect your attic insulation can have on its overall health. At all times, your attic space should have the ability to remain the same temperature as the air outside, in many homes, this is not the case. Without proper ventilation, and attic insulation in St. Jacobs, your attic space can heat up to extreme temperatures and the negative effect that this can have on your roofing system can be significant. In the winter months, hot air from your furnace will rise into your attic space, causing you attic space to become much warmer than it should be. This can cause the snow to melt and refreeze rather quickly, causing damaging ice damming along your roofs edge, and within your eavestrough. Ice damming can leave future melts unable to drain properly, and can lead to leaks within your attic space. If this water is able to seep beneath your shingles prior to freezing, this may cause your shingles to lift, damaging the shingles themselves along with the roof board below, and causing costly repairs. Prior to having a roof replacement completed, be sure to inspect the state of your attic space to ensure that it is up to current standards, with both attic insulation in St. Jacobs, and proper attic ventilation.

  • Owens Corning Pro Pink Attic Insulation

Owens Corning has been the standard for quality attic insulation in St. Jacobs, for many years. At AM Insulation Solutions, our customers are never disappointed with this eco friendly solution to their energy loss issues. Owens Corning Pro Pink attic insulation is a blown in, fiberglass material. This blown in attic insulation in St. Jacobs, is an environmentally conscious product, as it is made up of 70% recycled materials, and contains no indoor air pollutants. Due to its fiberglass make up, this attic insulation in St. Jacobs is highly resistant to moisture, significantly reducing the likelihood of mold development within your attic space. Owens Corning Pro Pink blown in insulation in St. Jacobs, is non-combustible and is therefore safe for use in many spaces. This particular attic insulation is the number one choice for home builders across the country.

  • Fiberglass Vs Cellulose Vs Spray Foam


  • Fiberglass attic insulation in St. Jacobs, is the least expensive insulating material on this list. It is also the most popular choice for residential home builders, as it is durable and able to hold its moderate R-value for a number of years. Fiberglass does not hold water, and this water resistance helps to prevent the likelihood of dangerous mold growth in your attic space. This attic insulation comes in both blown in varieties, as well as fiberglass batts.


  • Cellulose is a slightly more expensive, attic insulation option. The R-value of this material is moderately higher than that of fiberglass insulation, but lower than spray foam. Cellulose insulation is made up of recycled paper, and cloth, making it an incredibly eco friendly product. Two of the largest issues with this type of blown in attic insulation in St. Jacobs, are its lack of moisture resistance which can lead to unhealthy mold growth, and its inability to hold its form for long periods of time. Cellulose attic insulation does tend to sag over time, and when wet, significantly reducing its R-value, and increasing the need for regular replacement.

Spray Foam

  • Spray Foam attic insulation has the highest R-value of any insulation on this list. It is also the most expensive by a large margin. The benefit of spray foam is its excellent expansion capabilities, and its ability to fill air leaks with minimal effort. The issues with this type of blown in attic insulation in St. Jacobs, include its ability to pollute the air within your home, causing irritations, and allergic reactions in some people. When applied directly to dampened roof boards, it can lock in that moisture, causing rapid deterioration and increasing the need for pricey roof repairs. Spray foam is also difficult to remove should a replacement be needed.

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For a complimentary inspection, and quote for attic insulation in St. Jacobs, contact AM Insulation Solutions, today!