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Attic Insulation in Shelburne

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As societies need for energy saving products grow, so to does the need to improve our homes ability to conserve energy. The most efficient, and cost-effective way to achieve this, is to be certain that your home contains a sufficient amount of attic insulation in Shelburne. Most of the energy loss that your home experiences, is due to a lack of blown in insulation in Shelburne, in addition to insufficient ventilation and air sealing. At AM Insulation Solutions, we strive to be sure that every homeowner is educated enough to make knowledge decisions, in regards to their attic space, and attic insulation in Shelburne. As a division of the reputable AM Group of Companies, our standards for workmanship, and customer service are very high. As an Owens Corning Certified Energy Expert, we provide free attic inspections, and utilize thermal imaging technology in order to discover every area of energy loss in relation to your attic space. The attic insulation experts that we employ are sufficiently insured, possess the required certifications, and are thoroughly trained in house, in the installation of quality attic insulation in Shelburne. Keep more money in your pocket for a rainy day, trust in the experts at AM Insulation Solutions.


The ability of blown in insulation in Shelburne, to resist heat transfer, is determined using an R-value scale. The higher the materials R-value, the better its insulating capabilities. The standard depth for attic insulation in Shelburne, that is recommended in Ontario is R60, which translates to 22.5 inches of attic insulation. R-value is an important factor to take into account when considering your attic insulation options.

The vast majority of your energy loss issues will occur in the summertime, and the cold season. Though sufficient attic insulation in Shelburne will provide vital energy saving year-round. Mostly considered in the wintertime, in regards to heat loss, ensuring that your attic space is well ventilated, air sealed and sufficiently insulated in the summer months can save you hundreds on your utility bills. The hot and humid air from the outside can penetrate your roofing material, and cause the temperature within your attic space to rise dramatically. If the gaps between your attic and living space have not been effectively sealed, this heated air can seep down into your living area, making your HVAC system run continuously as it attempts to maintain a cool, and consistent temperature. When experiencing a lack of attic insulation in Shelburne, you may notice higher than average energy bills, in addition to uncomfortable temperature changes around your home. If your home is experiencing heat loss issues in the winter time, you may notice an abundance of icicle or ice build-up along your roof edge, and within your eavestrough. Bare spots on your rooftop where there should be snow are also good signs that your attic space is under insulated. Should you notice any of these issues, regardless of the season, call the attic insulation experts at AM Insulation Solutions for a complimentary and thorough attic inspection.

Attic insulation and Your Roofing System

Insufficient, or improperly applied blown in insulation in Shelburne can be detrimental to the lifespan of your roofing system, in addition to causing higher energy bills. As the use of your furnace is a necessary occurrence in our province, and heat is known to rise, without a sufficient barrier like attic insulation in Shelburne, when this heat rises into your attic space serious problem can arise in the winter. As the temperature in your attic increases, so will the temperature of your roofing material. This issue causes the snow in certain areas of your roof to melt, before freezing again along the coldest parts on your roof top, like its edges, and eavestrough. This ice build-up is referred to as ice dams. As its name suggests, this ice essentially creates a dam, making it difficult for future flows to drain properly. The weight of this ice, as well as the significant expansion/contraction that it creates can cause serious damage to your roofing material, as well as your eavestrough system. These melts may seep under your roofing material, causing them to lift, and damaging the roof boards as well. A combination of the roof deterioration, and the ice dams can cause leaks to develop within your attic space. If these issues are not repaired in a timely manner, you may begin to have water damage within your home as well. Any number of these issues can cost you a significant amount on repairs, and possible replacements, don’t take the chance be sure to have your attic space inspected as soon as possible.

Owens Corning Pro Pink Attic Insulation

Owens Corning Pro Pink attic insulation in Shelburne is an environmentally conscious product, as it is made up of over 70% recycled materials. Owens Corning Pro Pink blown in insulation in Shelburne is expertly tested to guarantee optimal indoor air quality. Because of its moisture resistance, the use of Owens Corning Pro Pink reduces the chance of mold development within your attic space. This quality attic insulation in Shelburne can last for a significant number of years without suffering a reduction in R-value. Owens Corning Pro Pink blown in attic insulation in Shelburne is safe for use in many spaces, as it is a non-combustible insulating material.

Fiberglass Vs Cellulose Vs Spray Foam


  • This cost-effective insulating material is the most popular attic insulation in Shelburne. Highly durable and inexpensive, fiberglass can hold its R-value for many years without the need for replacement. As it is water resistant, fiberglass, is less likely to experience mold growth than some of the other options.


  • This environmentally conscious attic insulation in Shelburne is made of recycled paper, and cloth material. With a moderate initial R-value, cellulose is a mid range insulating material. Though its initial effectiveness is greater than fiberglass, cellulose is known to lose its form over time, resulting in a significantly lowered R-value. Cellulose also clumps when wet, which may increase the chance of unhealthy mold growth.

Spray Foam

  • Due to its high R-value, and level of effectiveness, spray foam is one of the most expensive insulating materials available. Spray foam is a long lasting and durable form of blown in insulation in Shelburne. This insulating material has the ability to fill most gaps between your attic and living space with minimal effort due to its expansion capabilities. Although spray foam is a highly effective insulator, it is not without its issues. Spray foam has been known to contain irritants, and may cause allergic reactions in certain people. It is best to do your research on every available insulating material prior to making a final decision.

The town of Shelburne is located within Dufferin County, Ontario. Shelburne is a charming yet steadily growing town. This town hosts a multitude of annual festivals, the most popular being the Heritage Music Festival. With accommodations galore, and just a short drive from some of the best beaches, and ski hills around, Shelburne Ontario has a whole lot more to discover than just picturesque landscapes. So, whether you are looking for a place to kick back, relax and take in the scenery, or perhaps a place to set up shop permanently, this town should definitely be on your radar.

For a Complimentary attic inspection, and quote, contact the attic insulation experts, at AM Insulation Solutions.