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Attic Insulation in Penetanguishene

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Though mostly overlooked, and severely underestimated, by upgrading the attic insulation in your attic space, you could save up to 30% on your heating and cooling costs. Not only does sufficient attic insulation in Penetanguishene reduce your energy bills, it can also protect the lifespan of your roofing system. At AM Insulation Solutions, a division of AM Group of Companies, we are dedicated to supplying our customers with the most energy efficient attic insulation solutions. We offer free attic inspections, and employ the use of thermal imaging technology to ensure that every area of heat loss within your home is quickly discovered and efficiently rectified. At AM Insulation Solutions, we are proud to be Owens Corning Certified Energy Experts. If you are looking for a reputable, and reliable contractor for attic insulation in Penetanguishene, AM Insulation Solutions may be the right choice for you. Our attic insulation specialists are fully insured, highly trained and certified beyond industry standards. Stop throwing your hard earned money away, contact AM Insulation Solutions today!

  • R-Value

The level of thermal resistance of an attic insulation in Penetanguishene, is measured using the R scale. The greater the R-value of an insulating material, the better its thermal resistance. It is important to take R-value into account when considering a specific type of blown in insulation in Penetanguishene. In the province of Ontario, an R-value of R60 is recommended, to ensure that your attic space is as energy efficient as possible. An R60 level, translates to 22.5 inches of attic insulation in Penetanguishene.

A well-maintained attic space is important not only in the wintertime, but the summer as well. Summertime attic insulation levels are often overlooked, but it would be foolish to underestimate the amount of money that this is costing you on your energy bills. An insufficient amount of blown in attic insulation in Penetanguishene, as well as improper attic ventilation and air sealing, can result in higher than average heating and cooling costs. It can also cause uncomfortable temperature variations throughout your home, putting your overall comfort levels in jeopardy. The use of A/C, in the summer, and your furnace in the winter are entirely necessary to keep yourself and your family healthy and comfortable, but with energy costs here in Ontario significantly higher than many other provinces, doing so can be quite costly. If you have noticed that your energy bills are higher than normal, or have experienced hot or cold areas in certain areas of your home, it may be time to consider having your attic insulation in Penetanguishene, inspected, and replaced if necessary.

Attic Insulation and Your Roofing System

Attic Insulation is an integral part of your roofing system, and your roofing system is an integral part of your home. In the winter, when many of our homes are snow covered, the heat from your living space can cause the temperature within your attic space to rise dramatically. This rise in temperature can cause the snow on your roofing system to melt quickly, and rapidly refreeze in your eavestroughs, and along the edges of your roof. These ice dams, as they are referred, can cause significant damage to your eavestrough and roofing material. They can also prevent future melts from draining properly, and this water may seep beneath your shingles before freezing, leading to roof damage and leaks. The full extent of the problem may not even be realized until spring rolls around, and you find yourself with an emergency leak situation. These issues can significantly reduce the lifespan of your entire roofing system, all because of an under insulated attic space. Don’t risk unneeded headaches, and costly repairs, contact AM Insulation Solutions today.

  • Owens Corning Pro Pink Attic Insulation

Owens Corning Pro Pink is an eco friendly, attic insulation made up of over 70% recycled materials. This premium product has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it contains no harmful indoor air pollutants. Because of its fiberglass composition, Owens Corning Pro Pink is resistant to moisture damage, which reduces the likelihood of mold development within your attic space. This quality blown in insulation in Penetanguishene is non-combustible, making it safe for use in a variety of spaces. Owens Corning Pro Pink attic insulation in Penetanguishene, holds a moderate R-value, and is durable enough to last for many years. This blown-in insulation in Penetanguishene, is the number one insulation choice for home builders, and attic insulation contractors in Ontario.

  • Fiberglass Vs Cellulose Vs Spray Foam


  • Fiberglass attic insulation in Penetanguishene is the least expensive insulating material listed here. It holds a moderate R-value, and is known to last for many years. Fiberglass can be either blown in, or can be installed using fiberglass batts or ‘blanket insulation’. Its high moisture resistance means that the likelihood of mold growth is low, and it is capable of lasting for years upon years.


  • Cellulose, is an eco friendly form of attic insulation in Penetanguishene, as it is composed of recycled paper and cloth. Slightly more expensive than fiberglass insulation, cellulose holds a greater R-value, as well. The main issue with this type of blown in insulation in Penetanguishene, is that it does tend to sag over time, which results in a significant reduction in its R-value. Cellulose attic insulation is also not resistant to moisture, and is known to clump when wet, which increases the likelihood of unhealthy mold growth within your attic space.

Spray Foam

  • Spray Foam is the priciest of any attic insulation in Penetanguishene, though it does hold the highest R-value. The benefit of spray foam attic insulation in Penetanguishene, is that unlike the previous two options, this material has exceptional expansion capabilities, allowing it to seal air leaks, with minimal effort. There can be an issue with over spraying of this product, which can end up costing you more than you were quoted. Spray foam is also known to cause irritations, and allergic reactions in some people, so research is key with this insulating material. When applied to moist roof boards, rapid and unnecessary board deterioration can become an issue, which is why it is best to explore every insulation option before choosing which blown in attic insulation in Penetanguishene, is right for your home.

Penetanguishene, is a small town in Simcoe County, Ontario. This community is the home of the popular tourist attraction, Discovery Harbour. This historic military base includes many reconstructed buildings as well as two separate replica sailing ships, perfect for both Canadian history and military buffs. Along with Parry Sound, and midland, Pentetanguishene is a departure point for the boating tours for the 30,000 islands on Georgian Bay. Not to be outdone by the many summer activities, this community is popular year-round with its quality snowmobiling trails, and lakes perfect for ice fishing.

For a complimentary attic inspection and quote, contact the attic insulation specialists at AM Insulation Solutions today!

Attic Insulation in Penetanguishene