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Attic Insulation in Oliphant

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Over 30% of the heat and cool air loss that your home currently experiences, is directly related to your attic insulation levels. This energy loss can cause a tremendous increase on your energy bills, and have a profoundly negative effect on the level of comfort you experience within your home. At AM Insulation Solutions, we are committed to providing our customers with viable solutions to improve household energy conservation. As a division of the AM Group of Companies, we are held to the highest standards of customer service, customer satisfaction, and quality workmanship. We provide complimentary attic inspections, and employ the use of thermal imaging technology. This thermal technology is used to ensure that every area of heat loss, pertaining to your attic space, is discovered quickly, and rectified efficiently. At AM Insulation Solutions, we are proud to be Owens Corning Certified Energy Experts. Our attic insulation specialists are highly certified, and thoroughly trained in house, in the application of blown in insulation in Oliphant. Stop spending more than necessary on your heating and cooling costs, contact the experts in attic insulation in Oliphant, AM Insulation Solutions.

  • R-Value

R-value is the scale used to determine the ability of an attic insulation in Oliphant, in terms of its level of thermal resistance. The greater the R-value of the material, the better its thermal resistance. The recommended R-value for your area will be largely dependant on the climate in which you live. In the province of Ontario, the current recommended standard for attic insulation in Oliphant, is R60, or 22.5inches. Maintaining this depth of blown in insulation in Oliphant, will ensure optimal energy conservation within your home.

During the summertime, when temperatures can soar well above comfortable levels, the heat from the sun can penetrate your shingles and cause the air within your attic space to rise dramatically. Without sufficient attic insulation in Oliphant, this heated air can force its way into your living space, causing you’re A/C to work twice as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. This can put quite a strain on you’re A/C unit, and can end up costing you an exorbitant amount on your energy bills. Uncomfortable temperature fluctuations throughout your home are also likely, with some rooms remaining very warm and uncomfortable compared to others. In order to prevent these issues, your attic insulation must remain at proper R-value, and any air leaks between your attic and living space must be thoroughly sealed. Through the winter months, heat loss can become a prevalent issue in homes with under-insulated attic spaces. This can have a profound effect on your heating costs, as your furnace must work much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Stop throwing your money away, and start saving on your heating and cooling costs today, contact a reputable installer of blown in attic insulation in Oliphant, like AM Insulation Solutions.

Attic Insulation and Your Roofing System

Your roofing system is one of the most integral parts of your home. It protects you, your family, and your hard-earned belongings from inclement weather. Your roofing system is also expensive to repair or replace, so you’ll want to keep it as healthy as possible. On top of maintaining the roof top itself, ensuring that your attic space is properly insulated will go a long way in preserving the health of your roofing system. Insufficient attic insulation, and attic ventilation can have an incredibly negative effect on your roofing system. Your attic space should have the ability to remain the same temperature as that of the air outside, at all times. During the winter months, the majority of our homes spend the season snow covered, and the use of our furnaces is a continued necessity. Though small air leaks between your living space and attic can cause the temperature within your attic space to rise rapidly. When this occurs the snow that sits on your roofing system can melt, and run down your roof before freezing along the edges of your roof, and in your eavestrough. This issue is known as ice damming. When ice dams occur, not only can they can cause significant damage to your eavestrough and roofing material, they can also prevent any future melts from draining properly, possibly leading to damaging leaks within your attic space. This water can also find its way beneath your shingles before freezing, causing them to lift, and speeding up deterioration of the roof boards below. Leaks can become commonplace with these issues, and costly repairs could be needed. Don’t take the risk, ensure that your attic space is properly insulated, ventilated, and air sealed prior to the start of any extreme weather season.

  • Owens Corning Pro Pink Attic Insulation

Owens Corning Pro Pink blown in insulation in Oliphant, is highly durable, and very eco friendly. Made from over 70% recycled materials, this product has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it contains no indoor air pollutants. Owens Corning Pro Pink attic insulation in Oliphant holds a moderate R-value. This fiberglass attic insulation in Oliphant is the number one choice of attic insulation for home builders in Ontario. Owens Corning Pro Pink blown in insulation in Oliphant, has the ability to dry quickly if wet, significantly reducing the likelihood of mold development. This product is also non-combustible, making it safe for use in a variety of spaces. AM Insulation Solutions is proud to offer this premium attic insulation in Oliphant.

  • Fiberglass Vs Cellulose Vs Spray Foam


  • Fiberglass attic insulation in Oliphant, is a highly durable, and is the least expensive insulating material on this list. Fiberglass attic insulation holds a moderate R-value, and can maintain this value for many years. This material can dry quickly when wet, therefore reducing the likelihood of mold development in your attic space. Fiberglass attic insulation in Oliphant is available in blown in form, or batt varieties. This type of blown in insulation in Oliphant is the number one choice for home builders, and attic insulation contractors in Ontario.


  • Cellulose is a type of blown in insulation in Oliphant. This product is very eco friendly, as it is composed of recycled paper, and cloth. Cellulose attic insulation is slightly more expensive than the fiberglass option, though it does hold a greater R-value. The main issue with this type of blown in insulation in Oliphant, is its tendency to sag over time, which has a drastic effect on its R-value. Cellulose is also not water resistant, and has been known to clump when wet.  As it does not dry quickly, the possibility of mold growth is increased, with this product.

Spray Foam

  • Spray foam is yet another type of blown-in insulation in Oliphant. Though it does hold the greatest R-value of any insulation material on this list, it is also significantly more expensive. Spray foam has incredible expansion capabilities, and is able to seal most air leaks with relative ease. Spray foam attic insulation in Oliphant, has been known to cause irritations and allergic reactions in some people, so proper research should be done prior to making a final attic insulation decision. Spray foam should never be applied to dampened roof boards, as it can cause accelerated deterioration.

Located on the shores of Lake Huron, Oliphant Ontario is known mostly for its large clean beaches, shallow waters, and excellent kiteboarding conditions. Although no hotels, stores, or campgrounds are located within the community, Oliphant is definitely a worthy day trip destination, just be sure to stock up on supplies in either Wiarton, or Sauble Beach, before you head out.

For a complimentary attic inspection and quote, contact the attic insulation experts at AM Insulation Solutions.