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How To Ensure Your Attic’s Insulation Environment Is High Functioning

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With the huge emphasis on the environment and our carbon footprint, exploring environmentally friendly solutions for the home is a key factor in creating a home that is both comfortable and energy efficient. The main player in this is how well a home is insulated with a special focus on its ongoing energy costs. It is estimated that in Canada, around 40% of homes are actually under-insulated. The two main problem areas would be the exterior walls and attic or roof area. Taking a look at the interior top of a home, it’s easy to see how proper insulation and venting can be problematic. There are many factors to take into consideration, and specifically the choice of insulation. When you consider that a home’s conditioned air rises and makes its way upward, you can understand why having this space functioning properly is such a big factor.

How can a home be energy efficient when the attic is unvented?

The only answer to this is: spray foam insulation (SPF). When using any other types of insulation, it is absolutely necessary for there to be proper in and out ventilation along with installing additional vapour barrier products. The reason for this is moisture. When heated air rises up and finds its way into the attic area, during the colder seasons, it then reacts with a cold, snowy, or icy roof. This creates an environment where the air is stagnant and condensation and moisture can build up. When left too long with this occurring, mould and mildew is a real danger here. Also, when the insulation is either lacking, older, or faulty, the heated air will escape through the roof and create what’s known as “ice dams” – ice build-up on the exterior roof can cause water leakage into the home and also damage to the roof itself. When spray foam insulation is used, it acts as a vapour barrier as well as a superior form of sealant with high quality insulating abilities. It makes the attic an airtight environment that is second to none. And because spray foam is not susceptible to moisture, the attic is kept at an even temperature. This is especially important if the attic houses the home’s HVAC system. With spray foam’s airtight seal, the HVAC system will operate more efficiently because it will not be competing with hot air entering the home in the hot summer months or exiting the home through the roof during the colder seasons. As there are many things to consider when insulating and properly ventilating attic spaces, it’s very important the homeowner consults with a professional insulation company to assess the home’s insulation needs and come up with a budget-friendly plan of action. We at AM Insulation Solutions have over 60 years experience and are confident we can help. Our spray foam insulation professionals are certified and up to date with all the safety standards. We also use modern equipment to help pinpoint the home’s trouble spots. Give us a call today for a free estimate. We look forward to working with you to enhance your home’s comfort level and dramatically reduce your home’s energy costs