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Attic Insulation in Gravenhurst

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Maintaining the recommended depth for attic insulation in Gravenhurst is especially important in our climate. Here in Ontario we experience some of the most intense winters, and brutal summers in the country. Our energy costs are some of the highest as well, which is why it is so important to do everything we can to improve our household energy efficiency and conservation.

Without proper attic insulation in Gravenhurst, you could be losing upwards of 30% of all energy you use in your home. That’s hundreds of unnecessary dollars that many of us cannot afford. Attic insulation is the most cost-effective solution to combat heat and cool air loss available today.

At AM Insulation Solutions, we are committed to providing our customers with the most up to date attic insulation solutions available. As a part of the established AM Group of Companies, we are held to the highest standards for customer service, and quality home improvement workmanship. We offer complimentary attic inspections, and employ the use of thermal imaging technology.

This thermal technology is used to ensure that all areas of heat loss pertaining to your attic space, are found and rectified effectively. At AM Insulation Solutions, we are proud to be Owens Corning Certified Energy Experts. Our contractors are highly trained in the installation of blown in insulation in Gravenhurst, and are certified beyond industry standards.

Our goal is to help our customers maintain a comfortable living environment, while saving on their energy bills. If you have not received a complimentary and thorough attic inspection recently, contact AM Insulation Solutions and start saving money right away.

  • R-Value

R-value is the unit of measurement used to determine the resistance to heat flow, through an insulating material. The higher the R-value of the material, the greater its thermal resistance.

In the province of Ontario, the recommended standard for attic insulation in Gravenhurst sits at R60, or 22.5inches. By maintaining this depth of blown in insulation in Gravenhurst, you can save hundreds on your heating and cooling costs.

Though it may not seem this way to most, attic insulation is just as important in the summertime, as it is in the winter. In the winter months heat loss can be a prevalent issue in homes without sufficient attic insulation.

The same can be said for the summertime, as your under insulated attic space heats up, that extremely hot air is being forced down into your living space, causing your HVAC system to work twice as hard to maintain a consistent, and comfortable temperature.

This has a profound effect on both your energy bills, and the level of comfort that you experience within your home. You may notice unusual temperature changes throughout your home in these seasons, and this is likely due to a lack of proper attic insulation in Gravenhurst.

Without sufficient R-value within your attic space, you could be losing upwards of 30% of all heat and cool air generated within your home. Give your wallet a break, contact the attic insulation specialists at AM Insulation Solutions today!

Attic Insulation and Your Roofing System

Though you may be under the impression that your roofing system is well maintained, without proper attic insulation in Gravenhurst all of that maintenance may be in vain. Your attic space should contain a sufficient amount of both attic insulation, and ventilation in order to function properly, and provide your roofing system with the protection it needs.

In the winter months, as the heat from your home rises, the temperature within your attic space can rise significantly. As the temperature increases, this can cause the snow on your rooftop to melt before refreezing along its edges, and within your eavestrough where it’s colder.

This ice build-up is known as ice damming. Not only can ice dams cause significant damage to your roofing material and eavestrough system, they can also lead to leaks within your attic space. The cost to repair this damage can be significant, save yourself the headaches.

Prior to the start of any extreme weather season, we recommend having a thorough attic inspection completed by a reputable attic insulation contractor, like AM Insulation Solutions.

  • Owens Corning Pro Pink Attic Insulation

Owens Corning is the industry leader in the manufacturing of premium blown in insulation in Gravenhurst. Owens Corning Pro Pink attic insulation in Gravenhurst is made with over 70% recycled materials, and is durable enough to last for many years, without any reduction in its moderate R-value. Owens Corning Pro Pink blown in insulation in Gravenhurst is also non-combustible, making it safe for use in almost any space.

This product is Indoor Air Quality Certified, meaning it has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it contains no harmful indoor air pollutants. When installed correctly, Owens Corning Pro Pink blown in insulation in Gravenhurst can save you up to 28% on your energy bills.

  • Fibreglass Vs Cellulose Vs Spray Foam


  • Fibreglass attic insulation in Gravenhurst is a cost effective, widely used insulating material with a moderate R-value that can be layered for improved insulation. It is moisture resistant and does not harm air quality, making it a safe and long-lasting option.


  • Cellulose attic insulation in Gravenhurst is composed of recycled paper and cloth and is fire retardant. It has a higher R-value than fibreglass, but is more expensive. Unfortunately, it can sag over time and is not very water resistant, making it more susceptible to mold development.

Spray Foam

  • Spray foam insulation has the highest R-value but is also the most expensive. It can effectively seal air leaks and must be applied by a certified professional. However, it is not eco-friendly and can cause allergic reactions and should never be applied to damp roof boards. If replacement is needed, it is difficult to remove and should be thoroughly researched before making a decision.

Contact AM Insulation Solutions today for a complimentary attic inspection, and quote.

Attic Insulation in Gravenhurst