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Attic Insulation in Cookstown

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Insufficient, or improperly installed attic insulation in Cookstown accounts for more than 30% of all household heat and cool air loss. At AM Insulation Solutions, we are committed to providing our customers with the most up to date, and cost-effective solutions to their energy loss issues. As a division of the reputable AM Group of Companies, we are held to the highest standards for both workmanship and customer service. We provide complimentary attic inspections, and employ the use of thermal imaging technology. This thermal technology allows us to confidently pinpoint every area of heat loss in relation to your attic space, ensuring that it can be rectified quickly, and efficiently. At AM Insulation Solutions, we are proud to be an Owens Corning Certified Energy Expert. Our attic insulation specialists are highly trained in the competent application of blown in insulation in Cookstown, are fully insured, and posses all necessary certifications. Reduce your energy bills, and improve your home comfort with a call to AM Insulation Solutions.


R-value is the unit of measurement used to identify the level of thermal resistance of an insulating material. The greater the R-value of the material, the better its resistance to heat flow will be. The recommended R-value for homes in Ontario, is R60, or 22.5 inches of attic insulation in Cookstown. R-value can be effectively increased by either topping up your existing attic insulation in Cookstown, or replacing it completely. When choosing the right insulting material for your attic space, always consider its R-value.

Attic insulation in Cookstown is as important to energy conservation in the summer time, as it is in the winter. During the summer, the heat and humidity from the outside can seep into your attic space, causing the temperature within to rise substantially. If you have unsealed air leaks, in addition to insufficient attic insulation, this heated air can seep down into your living space. When this happens, your HVAC system is forced to work twice as hard in an attempt to maintain a consistent temperature within your home. This can lead to higher than average energy bills, and can cause uncomfortable temperature changes throughout your home. As energy costs rise, so will the cost to heat and cool your home, ensure that it can retain as much of that energy as possible by contacting an expert in blown in insulation in Cookstown, like AM Insulation Solutions.

Attic Insulation and Your Roofing System

A lack of attic insulation in Cookstown, can cause serious issues with your roofing system. And as your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, you’ll want to protect its health as best you can. During the winter months, improperly sealed air leaks between your attic and living space, in addition to insufficient attic insulation, can cause the heat generated within your home to rise into your attic. As the temperature increases, it can cause any snow built-up on your roof top to melt. This water will then run down your roof before freezing, causing ice build-up along the edges of your roofing system, as well as in your eavestrough. This collection of ice is commonly known as ice damming. As well as damaging your roofing material and eavestrough system, these dams can block any future melts from properly draining. This pooling water can lead to leaks within your attic space. Should you notice bare spots on your rooftop where your neighbours have snow, or an abundance of icicles along your eavestrough, you may be suffering from a lack of sufficient attic insulation in Cookstown. Roof repairs can be some of the costliest of all home repairs, take preventative measures by contacting a reputable attic insulation contractor like AM Insulation Solutions, for a complimentary attic inspection.

Owens Corning Pro Pink Attic Insulation

Owens Corning Pro Pink attic insulation in Cookstown is highly durable, and can last for many years without any reduction in R-value. Owens Corning Pro Pink is an eco friendly blown in insulation in Cookstown, as it is made from over 70% recycled materials. This premium blown in insulation in Cookstown is non-combustible, making it safe for use in a variety of spaces. When applied correctly, this high quality insulating material can save you up to 28% on your heating and cooling costs. Owens Corning Pro Pink attic insulation in Cookstown, is the number one choice for home builders, and attic insulation contractors, in Ontario.

Fiberglass Vs Cellulose Vs Spray Foam


  • This insulating material is the most cost-effective attic insulation in Cookstown. This material holds a moderate R-value, and is not known to contain any indoor air pollutants. Fiberglass is one of the most durable options for blown in insulation in Cookstown, as it is highly resistant to moisture damage making it less likely to encourage mold development. Fiberglass is one of the most widely used insulating materials in Ontario.


  • Cellulose is an eco friendly form of blown in insulation in Cookstown. Holding a slightly greater initial R-value than that of fiberglass, this material is composed of recycled paper, and cloth. The main issues with this type of attic insulation in Cookstown, are its tendency to clump together when wet, and its inability to hold its form over time. These problems can result in a significant reduction in R-value, and lead to the need for an early attic insulation replacement. As it is susceptible to moisture damage, mold development within your attic space can become an issue with this material.

Spray Foam

  • This blown in insulation in Cookstown holds a greater R-value than those listed above, though it is more expensive as well. Spray foam has incredible expansion capabilities, and as such can effectively seal air leaks with relative ease. Research is key with this product, as it has been known to cause irritation, and allergic reactions in certain individuals. This type of attic insulation in Cookstown, can also be difficult to remove if a replacement is needed, so ensure a thorough investigation prior to deciding which type of blown in insulation in Cookstown is right for your home.

The small historic village of Cookstown, is located within the city of Innisfil, Ontario. Cookstown is home to the largest yard sale event in all of Ontario, known as the ‘Wing Ding’. This event alone brings in almost 10 thousand visitors every year. Part of the Trans Canada Trail runs right through Cookstown, as well. this friendly village is located within walking distance to many private and public beaches, and has a plethora of clean, and family friendly parks, and picnic areas.

For a complimentary attic inspection and quote, contact the attic insulation specialists, at AM Insulation Solutions today.